Carbonless Paper

We currently carry 4 brands of carbonless paper.  Our Appleton NCR Superior, Mead Glatfelter Excel One, Nekoosa U20, and Rainbow Max carbonless paper all perform well in offset.  If you are doing mainly digital work, I would recommend the Appleton, Mead or Nekoosa paper.  If you are doing mainly offset work, the Rainbow Max is a very good paper.  We sell a fan apart padding adhesive that works well with all 4 brands.  If you are using a universal padding adhesive, it should work just fine as well.  Everything we have listed is in REVERSE sequence.  If you need STRAIGHT sequence, this is not a problem, we have it in stock.  If you are ordering straight, please note on the order, or contact us at (803)345-7006 to let us know.

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